Bid List


Please contact Jenna Grab - or (586)790-0900 if you would like to receive the bid documents for any of the projects below.


Project: SMART Fueling System Facility Improvements

Bid Due Date: February 22nd @ 10 a.m.

Arch/Eng: HRC

Estimator: Jim Mollicone -


Project: Brose BP #5 - ASRS High Bay Warehouse

Bid Due Date: February 13th @ 10 a.m.

Arch/Eng: Ghafari

Estimator: Jim Mollicone -


Project: Beaumont Shared Services Bldg.

Bid Due Date: February 20th @ 12 p.m.

Arch/Eng: Neumann Smith 

Estimator: Jim Mollicone -

Mike Myers -


Project: SOMA Mixed-Use Parking Structure

Bid Due Date: February 14th @ 12 p.m.

Arch/Eng: Neumann Smith

Estimator: Skip Myers -


Project: Corktown Parking Structure

Bid Due Date: February 26th @ 11 a.m.

Arch/Eng: Rich & Associates

Estimator: Skip Myers -