Specialty Services

Pipe Fabrication

Western Mechanical's fabrication facility is certified by the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters. Our commitment to operating a State of the Art fabrication facility enhances our productivity by utilizing the latest automated pipe cutting, welding, and assembly techniques. Jobsite productivity is improved by reducing the congestion of stored materials and additional manpower. By implementing a "Just in Time" delivery process, our customers gain the ability to improve their schedule and enjoy the savings that result by reducing General Condition expenses.

Live Pipe Tapping

From high-pressure gas mains 80 feet in the air to water mains underground, Western has invested in the tools and training of our employees to provide safe and secure live taps. New branch outlets up to 24" diameter on any size main distribution pipe. By utilizing "Smart Tap", Western Mechanical was instrumental in saving a local hospital Tens of Thousands of Dollars by eliminating the need for costly re-certification and temporary cylinder usage.

Certified Medical Gas Installers

Due to our commitment to the Health Care Industry, Western has invested in the training and certification of dozens of employees as Certified Medical Gas Installers. Sponsored by the United Association, this comprehensive training program covers the latest in NFPA Code and Procedures for the installation of Medical Gas Systems in Health Care Facilities.